Hello world!

New Year, new website, new blog and new opportunities.

Almost a year ago, in February 2020, we founded Printinue with the vision of fundamentally changing the way things are made by advancing Additive Manufacturing technologies trough smart engineering, combined with the power of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to create a next generation of 3D-Printers that are, unlike most 3D-Printers today, made for industrial serial production rather than model making and prototyping. One Year and a global pandemic later, we are still strongly believe in this vision. Although it was tough at times, we made the best of the situation and were able to make very good progress in the development of our first product. If anything the pandemic made us even more certain, that our concept of a local and decentralized production is a necessary and logical step.

We are looking forward to tackle new challenges and opportunities in this Year and are especially thrilled for the launch of our first product, the Printinue Factory Additive Production System.