Hero PRINTINUE FACTORY Stop manufacturing and start producing! As the first in our line of smart and automated 3D-Printers, the Printinue Factory additive production system offers continuous 3D-Printing in unmatched quality and speed. Serial Additive serial production With its innovative part ejection system, the Printinue Factory Additive Production System is capable of autonomously producing large quantities of parts without the need for constant human interaction and monitoring. Printvolume Large print volume With its generous print volume, the Printinue Factory offers more flexibility for your production demands. Length (X-Axis) Width (Y-Axis) Height (Z-Axis) 400mm 300mm 350mm Calibration Automatic calibration Calibrating a 3D-Printer is a very time-consuming and tedious task. With its automated gantry levelling and printbed mapping routines, the Printinue Factory is always perfectly calibrated and ready for the next task. Gantry Mesh X/Y-Offset Z-Offset A short calibration routine that makes use of the four independently controllable lead screws of the Z-Axis to position the printbed in a perfect 90° angle to the extruder nozzle. A detailed calibration routine where a mesh of points is probed on the printbed in order to compensate for small imperfections on the printbed. This allows to achieve perfect first layers on every print. Automatically sets the optimal distance between the extruder nozzle and the printbed. This routine is used to recalibrate the printer after the nozzle has been swapped or compensate for thermal expansion of the hotend when switching between low and high temperature materials. Sets the horizontal offsets between both extruder nozzles to ensure that the layers printed by each individual extruder are always perfectly aligned. IDEX Independent dual extruder (IDEX) The Printinue Factory is equipped with two extruders that can move independently of each other on the X-Axis. This powerful feature can be used in a number of ways, from doubling your production speed to printing with multiple materials. Depending on your project, the IDEX extruder system can be used in different modes. Duplication Mirror Supports Dual Material Double your production speed by printing two sets of parts at once. Print two symetrically mirrored sets of parts at once. Print with specialised support material like water soluble supports to realise extremely complex geometries. Print one part with two different colours or materials. Filter Odorless & Safe The large HEPA and activated carbon filter are able to remove 99% of the ultra fine particles (UFP) and reduce odors that are emitted when printing certain types of filaments. This keeps your workspace free of odors and potentially harmful particles. Extruder Advanced Extrusion Both extruders are equipped with dual drive gears that grab the filament from both sides. Combined with a strong, but lightweight geared stepper motor, this ensures a reliable and precise extrusion, even at very high print speeds. The short distance between drive gears and hotend nozzle guarantees a precise and responsive extrusion, reduces material oozing and allows printing with very demanding materials like flexible filaments. Remote management A factory at your fingertips Keep track of your printers and production. All our printers are network capable and can be controlled and monitored remotely via our intuitive web interface. Stecifications Specifications 3D printing technology
Motion system
Print volume
Maximum printing temperature
Maximum bed temperature
Layer resolution
Material diameter
Nozzle diameter
Work area leveling method
Available materials
Material system
Print speed
Travel speed
FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Cartesian with independent dual extruder (IDEX)
400 x 300 x 350 [mm]
280 [°C]
120 [°C] (1400W @230V)
Direct drive with dual gears
0.05 - 0.6 [mm]
1.75 [mm]
0.3 - 1.2 [mm]
USB, Ethernet, SD card
Up to 250 [mm/s]
Up to 600 [mm/s]