This is Printinue

Our goal is to supply our customers withe industry leading Additive Production technology, for the serial production of high quality products and parts. With our technology and expertise, we want to enable our customers to develop and mass produce superior products, more cost-efficient and sustainable.

Meet the Team


Max Borhof

Co-Founder & CEO

B.Eng. Industrial design

During his work as an engineer in the automotive industry, Max had the chance to get a deeper understanding of the needs and requirements of a modern production environment. With his passion for additive manufacturing combined with his background in the development of special machinery, he has the skills and experience to reinvent the way of how things are produced in an industrial scale.


Tudor Beleuta

Co-Founder & CTO

M. Sc. Computer Science, computer vision and artificial intelligence

As an expert for computer vision and artificial intelligence, Tudor is responsible for the “eyes and brains” of our printers. As an experienced programmer and business owner, he is in charge of software development.


Victor Jürgensohn

Mechanical engineering & Electronics

As an experienced mechatronics-technician and mechanical engineer, Victors “hands on” -mentality and excellent problem-solving skills constantly drive our innovation.

Nils Michalski

Product design

Student of industrial product delevlopment at HSD